Why are we viewed as the Best Indian & Nepalese Restaurant near Windsor?

If you are searching for divine Indian and Nepalese food, where one spoon of delectable bisque blows you away to balsamic ambrosia, you have come to the right place. That’s just the side effects of our mouth-watering Nepalese dish, Jhol momo. However, there’s more given from one of the major restaurants, Amchur Restaurant, situated in Old Windsor. We are one of the best Indian & Nepalese restaurants near Windsor.

Whether you crave tender collops of Lamb chops, a relish pot of Saag Paneer, or a flawless scoop of Mango Sorbet, it always renders in one’s mouth like the famous Victoria Falls. Our chefs prepare saporous, heavenly dishes for our customers, representing Indian & Nepalese cuisine. With the title ‘1# of 16 Restaurants in Old Windsor’ on Tripadvisor, we have also gained the title of being the best Indian & Nepalese Restaurant near Windsor.

One of our signature dishes, Amchur Himalayan lamb curry, is an authentic traditional Nepalese dish with the lavish picture of a succulent, sumptuous meal. It’s infused with spiced lamb and Himalayan pink salt, and topped with herbs, spices, ginger, and garlic.

Another ambrosial dish, known as Chicken Tikka Masala, is one of the most popular Indian dishes in the UK as it’s also the national dish. Chicken Tikka Masala is a dish consisting of sentimentally roasted chunks of spice-marinated chicken and the sauce is creamy and ochre-coloured.

If you covet a thirst-quenching, saccharine dessert to end your meal, then that’s nothing to discuss. What you need is a refreshing scoop of Mango Sorbet. The treacly aftertaste lingers on your contented taste buds and the true taste of the mangoes that sprang from those verdant roots.

In line with the beneficial points mentioned above about our excellent service and growing menu, we are a name that stands out when you explore the top Indian & Nepalese Restaurants near Windsor.

So come dine with us!

Amchur Restaurant & Bar is one of the popular Indian restaurants which provides not only Indian cuisines but also Nepalese and Oriental cuisines with a contemporary approach which are not only healthy but also immensely delicious to the customers who have visited and dined at the restaurant. Amchur Restaurant & Bar provides dine-in service along with takeaway and delivery service. If you like to try out the takeaway or delivery you can place an order by clicking here. You can also reserve a table for your family or friends by clicking here.

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