Indian Restaurants and the ways of Indian cooking

Indian food has been popular around the world for many years now. We can observe so many Indian restaurants opening day by day. Not to mention, it’s even hard to find spaces in some of the fine dining Indian restaurants in London. It’s no exaggeration to mention that many of us are now even looking to be hospitality leaders or entrepreneurs. The UK has so many Indian restaurants already and observing rapid growth due to new entrants.

Although Indian cooking isn’t that complicated, Chefs are required to use several spices and herbs to fetch the unique delicious tastes of each dish they cook. There are several ways of Indian cooking and some of the key ways are as follows.

Tadka (tempering)

The way of tadka involves frying spices in hot ghee to add great, deep flavor to food. This method is used to add enhance the flavor of vegetables, daals, chutneys, raita, and other dishes; the timing depends on the type of dish. For example, for vegetable dishes, tadka is done in the beginning, whereas with daal, it is added on top at the end. The spices used in tadka differ as per the region of India as some add cumin seeds and some may use garlic, mustard, etc.

Dum (steaming)

Dum means to ‘breathe’ in the Indian language. It is the Indian method of steaming the dish by closing a pot with a lid and slow cooking over a low flame. In this method, the food cooks in its own steam, and the slow-roasting enables each of the spices and herbs to release their full flavor into the dish.

In traditional Indian cooking, a clay pot called handi used to be sealed with dough to ensure steam was trapped inside whilst cooking meat dishes. In the contemporary way of cooking, a cast-iron oven with a heavy lid is an effective way to seal and slow cook this type of dish. Mainly biryanis are cooked this way making Dum Biryani so popular and delicious.

Bhuna (sautéing)

This Indian cooking method is similar to Asian stir-frying, as it requires constant stirring over medium to high heat intending to create a thick, spiced paste, which can be thinned into a gravy.

Tandoori (clay oven roasting)

A tandoor is a North Indian clay oven that is used to cook naan, tandoori roti, or marinated meat using a hot charcoal or gas fire. The food cooked in a tandoor oven is roasted and Smokey giving a great taste.

Deep frying

In the Indian way of deep-frying, fresh oil or ghee is used each time, and food is fried in small batches in only 1-2 inches of oil just enough to immerse the food.


In this North Indian method, a small bowl with a piece of lit charcoal is placed inside of a larger vessel on top of the cooking food. A small amount of ghee is poured over the charcoal and then the whole bowl is covered with a lid to trap the smoke inside and infuse the food with a smoky flavor.

Where can I find the best Indian food?

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