Amchur Best Indian Restaurant in Old Windsor

Amchur the best Indian restaurant in Old Windsor is brought to you by the accomplished group in the hospitality, the travel industry, and recreation industry, our food offering depicts a genuine Indian and Nepalese culture. India and Nepal, the nation of huge variety have countless brilliant stories to tell. Whether you need to relish rich and delicious spread chicken from India or wish to partake in Nepal's most famous delicious MoMo or Choila Amchur has everything. Our wide determination of veggie lover segments highlights heavenly and sustaining vegan dishes. Amchur means to serve valid yet contemporary and sound Indian, Nepalese, and oriental delicacy with a peaceful feel. Our Mustang Bar is at the core of the eatery and offers a variety of painstakingly chosen wines, bourbons, gins, mixed drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Amchur implies dried mango or mango powder. It is a fruity zest powder produced using dried unripe green mangoes and is utilized as a tart and sweet flavoring in the family kitchen. It is generally created in India and is broadly used to season dishes. The use of Amchur in dishes flavors the dishes as well as adds the nourishing advantages of mangoes when the new organic product is unavailable.

Amchur is worked to serve the coffee shops solid, valid yet contemporary Indian, Nepalese, and oriental food with top-notch administration norms at an extraordinary cost offering the very best worth. Our objective and guarantee at Amchur are not to simply sell the food but rather to fulfill our clients and construct a long and sound relationship.

As we sail out of the pandemic, Amchur centers around well-being and the local area which is Old Windsor as well as the neighborhoods like Datchet, Egham, Englefieldgreen, Wraysbury, VirginiaWater, Staines, Langley, Ascot, etc and vow to be something beyond a restaurant with regards to eating. With incredible food, peaceful feeling, and genuine cordiality, Amchur is a desert spring for individuals who share our adoration for good food. "What is not listed on the menu but very much available is our ode to the high-octane Indian & Nepalese spirit and the culture of hospitality" so kindly request a member of our team.

Amchur Restaurant & Bar is one of the popular Indian restaurants which provides not only Indian cuisines but also Nepalese and Oriental cuisines with a contemporary approach which are not only healthy but also immensely delicious to the customers who have visited and dined at the restaurant. Amchur Restaurant & Bar provides dine-in service along with takeaway and delivery service. If you like to try out the takeaway or delivery you can place an order by clicking here. You can also reserve a table for your family or friends by clicking here.

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