Indian Restaurants and food popularity in the UK

Indian Restaurants and food popularity in the UK

Indian Restaurants and food popularity in the UK is increasing day by day. Not sure if you agree or disagree, the talk of Indian food mostly known as curries is a lot around the UK. Weekend witness enormous crowd from diverse demographics to visit Indian restaurant to enjoy the Indian food. Thus, the craze for Indian curries amongst the UK resident is quite high. There are thousands of Indian restaurants typically from traditional curry houses to mid-range, fine dining, and Michelin star Indian restaurant across the UK. It is evident that one of the most popular Indian curries i.e., chicken tikka masala regularly gets voted among the top five most popular meals.

British curries cooked on these early days and now have a significant difference. Many years ago, the spiciness of the curries used to be blander compared to now in various levels. Moreover, in early days, the variety of the curries were limited to small ranges compare to now very wide range. In early days, the availability of the spices and herbs were extremely limited; transportation from India used to take several months. What a mystery these days, these spices and herbs are readily and easily available across the UK.

History of Indian food in the UK

Indian Food Vs Nepalese Food

The history of Indian curries traces from the primitive times when British officials and traders who had spent time in India wanted to continue to enjoy curries when they returned home. Some of these officials sourced private Indian chefs back home with them. Those who were not in position to afford to hire a chef visited restaurant to enjoy curry.

The curries were not only popular amongst the general public but also gained popularity in the royal household as Queen Victoria loved Indian food. Soon curry was an integral part of the British culinary. “Few dinners are thought complete unless [curry] is on the table”, an 1852 cookbook stated. However, the rapid growth of Indian restaurants and takeaways were not that much until after World War II. After World War II, many migrants from South Asia migrated in the UK who than started setting up more Indian restaurants and takeaways.

Although In India, the typical Indian curries are much hotter and oilier, curries that are cooked in Britain, are generally sweeter, creamier, and richer. For example, the most popular Indian curry dish Chicken Tikka Masala is creamer, sweeter, and richer.

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