Birthday Party Venue in and around Old Windsor

Birthday Party Venue in and around Old Windsor

Looking for a birthday party venue in and around Old Windsor? Amchur Restaurant & Bar is an excellent choice for your next birthday celebration. They can seat up to 70 people and offer a variety of set menus at various price ranges which makes it perfect for any type of event, from a small gathering of friends to an extravagant corporate event. They also allow you to customize orders for birthday parties. The Amchur Restaurant & Bar, with its stylish decor and exceptional cuisine, is the ideal location for your next birthday celebration.

The restaurant is well-known for its delicious food and welcoming atmosphere. It's the ideal setting for a celebration with friends and family. The menu at the restaurant is fantastic, with something for everyone. There are a variety of dishes available, including Indian, Nepalese, and Oriental. The restaurant also has a bar where you can order drinks to accompany your meal or just have one on its own.

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This venue will make your birthday party perfect because of its excellent customer service, cleanliness, and convenient location. The staff is always happy to assist you with anything you require, and they make certain that your guests have a good time.

The Amchur Restaurant & Bar is the best birthday party venue in Old Windsor and the surrounding area. This is the place to go if you want a venue that has everything from amazing food to a spacious dining area. Amchur Restaurant & Bar is brought to you by the experienced team in the hospitality, tourism & leisure industry, our food offering portrays a true Indian and Nepalese culture. India and Nepal, the country of vast diversity have so many wonderful stories to tell.

The restaurant is designed to provide diners with healthy, authentic yet contemporary Indian, Nepalese, and oriental cuisine, as well as high-quality service standards, at an affordable price that provides the best value. Amchur's goal and promise are not just to sell food, but to satisfy our customers and build a long and healthy relationship which makes it one of the best birthday party venues in Old Windsor.

The restaurant focuses on health and community as it sails out of the pandemic, and pledges to be more than just a restaurant when it comes to dining. Amchur Restaurant & Bar is an oasis for people who share our passion for good food, with great food, a tranquil ambiance, and genuine hospitality. "What is not on the menu but is very much available is our ode to the high-octane Indian & Nepalese spirit and the culture of hospitality," so please inquire with a member of the team.

Birthday Party Venue in Old Windsor

Amchur Restaurant & Bar is one of the popular Indian restaurants which provides not only Indian cuisines but also Nepalese and Oriental cuisines with a contemporary approach which are not only healthy but also immensely delicious to the customers who have visited and dined at the restaurant. Amchur Restaurant & Bar provides dine-in service along with takeaway and delivery service. If you like to try out the takeaway or delivery you can place an order by clicking here. You can also reserve a table for your family or friends by clicking here.

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