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After all the hard work, the most rewarding thing to do at the end of the day is enjoy a wholesome and comforting meal! The pleasure one can derive from a delicious meal needs no elaboration; it is the perfect escape from a hectic routine. Whether you are sad of angry all you need to change your mood is food.

Comfort foods have a way of soothing any stressed soul as nothing else can. Apart from satiating hunger pangs comfort food provides a nostalgic or sentimental value. Sparking a sense of warmth to our tastebuds, comfort foods are saviors when required. From indulging in tasty, deep-fried Samosas to spring rolls to drool-worthy Gazar Ka Halwa, comfort foods have always assisted in navigating difficult times, bad thoughts, or dull periods.


No wonder, comfort foods refresh old memories and entices the palate, however, there are many other things to be mindful of with our favorite foods such as calories and high carbohydrate level, but more often or not flavorful taste makes us ignore the health quotient of comfort foods.

Facilitating a sense of nostalgia, comfort food can revive an individual's old memories, occasion the. Taking back to memory lane, comfort food takes us back to sharing food with families and friends, conversations, jokes, joys, and sorrows in the company of each other.

As time passes, inevitable lifestyle changes have influenced our eating patterns, including comfort food variations with a subtle twist. Thanks to globalization and cross-culture, marriages have led to inclusivity and new cuisines.

Gazar Ka Halwa

Food is an important component that helps people socialize, whether at a festival, an event, or a casual dining experience at a restaurant. Likewise, the modernist approach of introducing consumers to age-old traditional flavors with modern touch has been the focus of many experimenters and has grown in popularity and demand since its recent appearance. In addition, as the vegan lifestyle has become more and more popular, many people are finding their comfort in vegan dishes, which are delectable as well as healthy.

“Smart” experimenting with the existing comfort foods, maintaining their DNA, i.e. the main core taste and important nature of the very food, modern-day chefs have applied new methods right from the addition or removal of ingredients to tweaking the presentation of food presentation and bring to modern comfort foods.

Chefs have started trusting in presenting nostalgia in a completely different way by inducing surprise through an element familiar or a previously tried food. Contrasting culinary traditions and techniques, chefs stoke bringing familiar flavors untraditionally, bringing adventure to the mainstream culinary culture and diversifying food elements to a harmonious blend. The art of pairing unconventional ingredients and concepts and harmoniously mingling cultures, cuisine, and ingredients, both national and international – modern comfort foods have now become boundless

Modern-day chefs are experimental, they believe in presenting nostalgia in a very different way. Surprising you with the same elements or foods you tasted before. Oppose to culinary traditions and methods, chefs take familiar flavors in nonconventional ways, bring adventure to mainstream culinary culture, and seek to diversify and harmoniously blend food elements. Combining unconventional ingredients and concepts, the art of harmoniously blending national and international cultures, cuisines, and ingredients modern comfort foods sees no limits.

From a range of modern-day comfort foods like Meat Balls, Sheek Kebab, Lamb Chops, Ice Cream, and Kulfi variety of modern foods, such as desserts, curries, and cakes  have been born and seen the light of day, but only those that people feel comfortable with have survived and become subtly changed “comfort foods.”

Enhancing the flavors and introducing new techniques to cooking, famous comfort food is an intellectual exercise and a lot of research has been done on the ingredients, flavors, and textures that go in hand with the original dish. The clever art of redefining comfort food is knowing when to stop experimenting to make sure the end result is nostalgic, familiar, and acceptable, but it's still about flavor, different ingredients, and presentation. , and the surprise and “wow” factor in the form of experiences.

Lamb Chops

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