Amchur’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Supporting the people who are in dire need is something at the heart of Amchur. Therefore we aim to use a significant proportion of its net profit to support the needy people. We believe our support is for good causes that make a real difference.

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Amchur crafting change for better

Amchur pledge to build a better globe and a more sustainable future through everything we do every day.

Driven by our foremost strategy we ensure to be an organization for good by making a real difference to the people’s lives, protecting the environment, encouraging healthy lifestyles and help the communities in which we operate.

Better Lives

Amchur deal with the obstacles to health, happiness and wellbeing that come in the people’s lives and help them to get the most out of life.

Better Environment

Amchur protect and conserve the environment around us through sustainable practices, initiatives and objectives

Better Enterprise

Amchur carry to the highest standards as a responsible enterprise with suppliers, customers, and colleagues.

Better Communities

Amchur offer people opportunities and help at a local level which support to build the stronger communities.


Our company depend on productive economies, thriving communities and a healthy environment and we as a company have an increased responsibility to ensure we make a positive contribution. The world is changing at incredible speed around us. Global population growth, information technology innovations, climate change and natural resource reduction are all factors that are shaping our enterprise. “From farm to fork” proverb is an exemplary example to support farmers. We know that we as a business it is our responsibility, and we must lead transformative change.

Every year we seek opinions from our stakeholders and colleagues about the key concerns they care about. This method with a materiality review helps us to recognize and concentrate on our most significant issues and make sure that we are relentlessly working towards the appropriate objectives in this fast-changing world.

Our CEO and senior management colleagues contribute to our CSR initiatives and ensure that business decisions and strategic planning take due consideration of environmental and social issues.

We are committed to supporting our colleagues both physically and mentally. Beyond safety, we acknowledge the responsibility we have in helping our colleagues’ health and well-being. We are committed to ensuring making Amchur a healthier place to work and ultimately as a choice of employer.

We all know the ramifications of COVID-19 on our colleagues across the company. Therefore, we have strengthened our support for colleagues’ mental well-being. Our services include structured counseling, life coaching & mentoring, and bereavement counseling.

Our foremost priority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has always been to make sure the safety, security, and well-being of all our colleagues and customers and maintaining Amchur as a COVID-19 secure place to dine.

We have adhered to the latest Government guidance and undertaken risk assessment to recognize the risks. Based on these identified risks through risk assessments, we have implemented a comprehensive range of measures and controls across our company to ensure a COVID-19 secure environment. These implemented measures and controls include safety signage, social distancing, and regular cleaning.

We are working relentlessly to reduce the food waste; but there are a few key reasons why food waste can still take place:

  • It is difficult to match forecasting and ordering with demand from customers.
  • Sometimes foods are damaged by the customers or colleagues, and these cannot be sold as intended.
  • Exceptional events such as fridge breakdowns, floods and so on are inevitable, this can damage the foods so they cannot be sold as intended.
The implication of food waste helps us to take proactive approach to reduce food waste. Thus, our top priority is prevention, so we aim to reduce the volume of unsold food in our distribution centers and in our outlets. To achieve this, we are working towards better forecasting and ordering, and where we have food i.e., close to its expiry or best before date we are improving the process of reducing to clear.
Supporting needy people is something at the heart of Amchur. We aim to use a significant proportion of its net profit to support the needy people. We believe our support is for good causes that make a real difference.
Helping us to help needy people is simple. All you need to do is to dine at Amchur. Each your spending at Amchur contributes to the Amchur’s charitable pledge.